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Encyclopædia  Britannica quotes.... 
'A  new  music  notation  is  long  overdue'....
Our system of notation has remained virtually unchanged since the time of Bach, in whose day it was already out of date. It is only fair to add that, for all its faults, the old notation has a history of long and honourable service.  With it or perhaps in spite of it?  Generations of composers and performers have scaled peak upon peak of musical greatness; but the fact remains that to play a conventional score requires mental contortions that have nothing to do with musicianship, so that millions of music lovers are held back from making their own music, not by any lack of ability, but by the absurdities of an obsolete system.


This Famous Italian Pianist and Composerwrote in his diaries: "At last it dawned upon me that our present-day octave no longer consists of seven intervals, but of twelve; and that each of these twelve intervals should have its own place in the music notation.

This representation (the old notation) is illogical and confusing, and its deciphering makes unreasonably complicated demands on the intellectual". 

It was not until 1932 that the breakthrough came.

Cornelis Pot


In that year a Dutchman named Cornelis Pot having completed a long and exhaustive programme of research into the sciences of acoustics and optics, and into the mathematics of sound vibration, was able to launch a revolutionary new system of notation based upon strictly scientific principles.

For the name of his new notation Cornelis Pot went to the international language, Esperanto, and there he found the perfect word, Klavarskribo: ‘keyboard writing’(pronounced ‘Klarver-skreebo’).

{How he then set about building up a production unit staffed with expert transcribers, copyists, music composers and artists is a story in itself}.

Just consider: in Klavarskribo there are no sharps, flats or key signatures, no bass or treble clefs to be learned, no minims or crotchets or hemidemisemiquavers to make amystery of time and rhythm. 
The magic of the music simply unfolds before the eye with all the directness and immediacy of a picture-book ........

Klavarskribo Stave
The Klavarskribo Stave:

An invention of inspired simplicity, gives such a graphic image of the keyboard and of the notes that are to be played that even a child can sit down and pick out a melody in a matter of minutes.


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